Basic Do’s and Dont’s of E-Mail Marketing

  1. Do's and Dont's Email Marketing

Every coin has two sides and so does our coin – Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is the most old method of marketing your product or services but still E-Mails are not dead and are a great way of marketing without spending anything, certainly you need to pay for internet and computer but that is almost negligible if it sells your service or get you customers. Basically E-Mail Marketing is an online way of distributing leaflets which was the best way to market yourself in early 70’s. E-mail marketing can lead you to great customers and promotion but only when you overcome these 5 major issues of E-Mail Marketing.

1. Whom (E-Mail List) to send e-mails

For sending something what’s most important is the one to whom you want to send and as per today’s laws more important is that have they allowed you to send them emails for promotional purposes and you can do that by using the centuries old barter system where you can give them something for free in return of giving you permission like a free e-book, product reviews etc it can be just anything.

2. Are they really reading your emails
Just think how many emails you deleted today without even reading or just reading their subject lines, I know you deleted plenty of them. So what’s most important is the subject line which can actually draw the attention of user or can have something of their interest which will compel them to open it. Certainly I didn’t meant “You have won 23400000000 GBP and we need your details” but something that’s real but just a bit manipulated like “Urgent inputs needed on our services” this is just an example, you can try yours.

3. Are they even getting your e-mails in inbox

Don’t send e-mails if you don’t have legitimate permissions from the one to whom you are sending e-mails and keep it very simple for the users to unsubscribe and also please respect their un subscription, so that you can’t be tagged as a spammer.

4. Too many e-mails why one should read yours

There are hundreds of emails we get everyday why one should read yours the answer is user driven content or rich content and customer engaging content like a very simple questionnaire or a small pole or asking for their views or just simple providing them extremely great content and asking them to subscribe.

5. You need software for e-mail marketing; you are not a one man army.

When your e-mail list grows it’s not feasible to add everyone in the “To” column of email client and sending them emails personally and in case if you even manage to do that you won’t be able to manage the responses or won’t be able to create a report stating how many emails were sent and how many got read and all that so choosing the right bulk emailing software is also one of the major decision.

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