Customer Care Outsourcing


Customer service is a key differentiator for your business in the global market with companies across industries facing increasing competition. Companies need outsourcing partners that can deliver cutting edge customer service solutions. Creative Business Labs helps clients manage and enhance their customer experience with tailor-made customer service solutions. These solutions allow clients to transform the way they influence customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction, while at the same time ensuring cost efficiency.

Creative Business Labs leverages its deep domain expertise in customer service functions, a strong talent pool and incisive focus on operational excellence to help clients ‘extend their enterprise’. Companies partner with Creative Business Labs for customer service outsourcing solutions and experience, increased customer engagement, enhanced revenues and a significant competitive advantage.

Our Service offerings include

  1. Customer Service
  2. Customer Complaint Resolution
  3. B2B and B2C Collection
  4. Loyalty Program Management
  5. HR Support
  6. Technical Helpdesk
  7. Specialty Helpdesk
  8. Customer Care Analytics
  9. Social Customer Service
  1. Voice (Inbound / Outbound)
  2. Email
  3. White Mail
  4. Chat
  5. Social Media