Digital Asset Management


Digital asset management refers to the rules and processes an organization puts in place to manage, retrieve and distribute their digital media, such as photos, videos, PDFs, presentations and documents.

Document Access Management software helps your organization ensure that your brand assets are always safe, secure, and in the right hands. It increases efficiency across all channels of communication.

The need for digital asset management continues to rise. For organizations seeking ways to streamline costs and maximize growth, DAM is an important solution. The uses of Document Access Management are associated with need for access and increasing amounts and types of digital media. Is is due to this, that digital asset management software is used across several major industries.

It helps organizations organize rich media assets such as images, video, and audio for storage, retrieval and distribution. Document Access Management provides support for key workflows such as approval loops and virtual collaboration that add value to their media assets. A DAM system’s distribution capabilities can deploy the right file(s) for the right task – all on a global basis.

For organizations finding ways to increase return on investments, maintain brand consistency, leverage the power of the web and capitalize on the demand for online video, digital asset management is an important solution.

  • Increase return on investments.
  • Protect the brand and build consistency.
  • Leverage the power of the web.
  • Capitalize on demand for online video.
  • Search, browse and preview in a visual way.

Creative Business Labs offers a comprehensive toolbox to manage the entire digital asset lifecycle, putting digital media to work for your business. It provides an integrated and interconnected environment that engages more stakeholders and empowers core media, marketing and business professionals.

Benefits Of Document Asset Management

Minimize search times

A single search through all sources and archives

Without DAM in your organization, your editorial, marketing or creative staff might spend a lot of time each day searching for the right assets. Document Asset Management centralizes purchased material, marketing campaigns, wire feeds and editorial content.

Efficient production

Direct access to assets from print, digital and web production

When you are working on a production for web, print or on a digital app, having direct access to assets drastically improves efficiency. Out-of-the-box, Document Access Management is integrated with multi-channel publishing systems like WoodWing’s Enterprise and editorial management application Content Station. From Web CMS platforms like Drupal and WordPress, you can access your assets through the integrated DAM interface.

Insight in digital asset usage

Management reporting on usage and search statistics

The right information about costs and efficiency of digital assets and marketing material is crucial to start saving money. DAM now includes a customizable reporting engine that allows you to monitor everything about your assets and their usage. These reports and statistics can be fully customized to meet your organization’s management information needs.

Avoid fines and double purchase

Permissions and digital rights control asset usage

It’s the nightmare of every manager. An image is used in the wrong region or with an expired license. Typically this results in heavy fines or the need to purchase the material again. With Document Access Management your digital rights are tightly controlled, making sure only the right people access your assets. You can also manage your digital licenses and the great search features help you to find all your assets, minimizing the risk of a repurchase.