E-Commerce Presence


Technological transformations and increasing number of channels are transforming the way companies engage with consumers. From brick and click, we have moved to social networking, video sharing, wikis, and blogs. Consumers are using multiple digital channels to research products, connect with friends, purchase goods and services, and consume information. Companies no longer control their brand, as the power has shifted to end users. They are the ‘brand ambassadors. Hence, it has become imperative for companies to know their consumers, engage them, and influence them.

Companies can gain a competitive advantage by making five paradigm shifts in their digital strategies:

  1. From paid media to earned media
  2. From domain-centric communication to pervasive Web collaboration
  3. From transactional e-commerce to Web 2.0 commerce
  4. From community of members to community of customer advocates
  5. From measuring traffic to measuring business value

We provide end-to-end solution that empowers enterprises to maximize sales, deliver superior customer experiences across channels, and lower customer engagement costs. It also enables enterprises to utilize social interactions to predict, personalize, and enhance customers’ shopping experience, thereby increasing Web traffic and driving sales.

Our platform is delivered in the enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Our key differentiators are application ownership, robust infrastructure, business process outsourcing, convenience of a single point of accountability, and professional consulting services that energize an enterprise’s e-commerce and social commerce strategies.