Local businesses need you. With your own Creative Business Labs e-Franchisee, you will have all the tools you need to succeed. If this sounds like the opportunity for you, read on…

As a Creative Business Labs e-Franchisee owner, you run your own company, selling Creative Business Labs products and services. You build a book of business or use your own, and when you sell, you make money. It’s that simple. We’ll provide you with training and sales materials. You make the sale, collect the funds, and then pay us a special discounted fee to perform the services. You keep the difference. A single sale could continue paying out for months.

Need a raise? Go out and make a sale. Your Creative Business Labs e-Franchisee can provide you with a healthy stream of steady income from selling online marketing solutions.

  • Website

    Get your own lead-generating website. This website is custom designed and generates leads daily using our Local Search Tool technology. In addition this website is optimized for your city, so it will show organically in Google for “Local SEO Company” in your city.

  • Google+ Local Management

    We set up, optimize and monitor each business’ Google+ Local and Google+ accounts. Our management program is based on the latest Local SEO techniques and current algorithm changes introduced by the search engines.

  • Training Materials

    Our agency partners get a complete training video series. They learn everything from the technical aspects of SEO and social media to effective sales techniques. Learn how to approach businesses, build trust, consult with potential clients, and make the sale. Next, you will learn how to retain each client, month after month. This is the key to an ongoing solid revenue stream.

  • Contracts

    Get access to all of the contracts you need to close deals. Our contracts have been used successfully again and again, and are all lawyer approved.

  • Sales Scripts

    Get access to our tried-and-true sales scripts. Learn exactly how our Internet marketing veterans approach sales calls, how they clear corporate gatekeepers, and how they get the appointment. You learn to consult with clients rather than turning them off with cheesy, high-pressure sales tactics. These professional scripts take the guesswork out of your sales approach.

  • Access to Discounted Services

    As a Creative Business Labs e-Franchisee owner, you enjoy even better pricing than our resellers for SEO, web design and social media services. We charge our agency partners a simple set price for the full suite of services. The margins are handsome, allowing you to create your own agency with healthy recurring revenues. Remember, your clients are not just buying services, they are paying for your time and expertise as well.

  • Credibility

    Gain instant credibility with the strength of the Creative Business Labs name. Creative Business Labs that’s been marketing local businesses online since 2011. Our team has serviced many local businesses to date.

A Creative Business Labs e-Franchisee Owner Gets:

  1. A Custom Lead-Generation Website – the lead generation website is designed to do just that – generate leads.
  2. Materials – marketing materials built specifically for you and ready to print, including business cards and brochures.
  3. SEO & SMO Setup - we help you with basic SEO and SMO Setup. We also provide business listing optimization for your agency.
  4. Internet Marketing Course – this course will teach you more than just winning a client. Our approach will show you exactly what a business needs; how to follow up with leads, get the appointment, and close the deal. You will be able to approach a client as a consultant, not a salesperson, and you will learn how to keep your customers happy to pay for your services every month
  5. Lead Generating Webinar – your leads will be contacting you after they watch this webinar, specifically designed to motivate your prime potential clients: local business owners.
  6. Sales Scripts – learn what the seasoned sales professionals say to successfully get appointments and close deals.
  7. Contracts – everything is already designed, printed and approved by our lawyers.
  8. Discounted Services – as a Creative Business Labs e-Franchisee owner, you get access to even more discounted services. Our services are specifically designed to deliver exactly what the clients want, and for an affordable price. Your margins are substantial, so you can enjoy nice monthly payouts.
  9. Networking – network with other Creative Business Labs e-Franchisee owners. Learn about the successes of your peers and some of the pitfalls to avoid.
  10. Opportunities – the opportunity to become a regional Creative Business Labs e-Franchisee.