Engagement Models


We look upon ourselves as not mere development vendors but technology partners who help customers to innovate, design, develop and deliver products, process enhancements and robust infrastructure. We understand that to do this requires new ways of thinking, new approaches to engagement. Below are some of our flexible engagement models, however, we are always open to new ways of partnering.

Plain Old Fixed Bid Model

Given that a product/project has been well thought out and most requirements worked out in prior, we can estimate a fixed cost for the project and be willing to execute it within that.

Plain Old Time and Material Model

In this model a repetitive cost/per day or monthly/weekly cost is billed to the customer for the services of the agreed upon time. This model gives the flexibility of pay as you go.

The New Hybrid Model

Faster development within shrinking budgets requires re-use of innovation. This model is best suited for new product engineering efforts. Herein, engineering is carried out first by re-using our own components such as pre-built libraries and secondly by building the product on top of these libraries on a time and material basis. Hence, customers pay a fixed component termed as – Innovation cost – for the libraries while pay on time and material basis for rest of the development. Such a model promotes faster product development and delivery as well as reduces total development costs resulting in greater ROI.

Co-Innovation Model

In this model we ideate with you and execute the idea with you – that is partner to co-innovate. Hence, we share the product IP, we share the costs and we share the associated risks. This model is best suited for smaller outfits attempting to launch innovative but riskier products into the market. We do a thorough analysis of our perception of the potential of the “product to be” and engage only if we are confident.