This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about the Campus Connect Program

What is “Campus Connect” ? What are the objectives ?
Campus Connect is Creative Business Labs initiative to help increase India’s competitiveness in the knowledge economy. It aims at evolving a model through which Creative Business Labs and engineering institutions can partner for competitiveness, enhance the pool of highly capable talent for growth requirements in Information Technology (IT) space. It is aimed at creating an effective means of backward integration into the supply chain by going into the college campuses from where the IT industry gets the people for its growth.

What is the goal of Campus Connect ?
The goal of Campus Connect is to build a sustainable partnership with engineering education institutions for mutual benefit.

What are the criteria to join the program ?
The exact criteria will change from time to time. A variety of parameters are involved. Some of them are –

  • College having good standards
  • Students having good standards
  • College is open-minded
  • College is a trend setter.

What are some of the activities that Campus Connect will initiate ?
A variety of things are lined up under the Campus Connect initiative. Seminars and faculty training for colleges: This will give an industry perspective to the faculty.

Aligning the college curriculum with industry requirements and working with educational bodies for implementing it.

  • Publishing courseware on the web: This will give students and faculty access to courseware designed by us. The courseware adds to the existing college courseware and highlights the integrated, systems way of looking at hitherto discrete topics. This is the courseware we use to prepare our new recruits for global “industry ready” standards.
  • Sabbatical for Professors: Professors can pursue areas of research interest with us, and also add to the intellectual content.

How is Creative Business Labs making this exclusive for the participating colleges ?

a) Assistance to the faculty in order to introduce industry oriented courses
b) Sabbaticals for the faculty
c) Sponsorship of events in the tech-fests of the colleges
d) Technical seminars by expert CBLians in their campuses

What kind of services will be provided to the professors ?
Projects that require expert inputs and have some element in conceptualizing, defining, and prototyping the solution. The outcome may be a paper, a prototype, an analysis and so on which has mutual value.

What are the components of a Foundation Program for students ?
We have a different approach when it comes to learning and teaching. The Foundation Program aligns technical competency to a student’s individual needs. Our methodology goes beyond teaching what is available in the books. It comprises real-life case studies, and insights into application of technology. These unique teaching aids go a long way in ensuring that the students are “INDUSTRY READY”