An intranet is a private computer network based on the communication standards of the Internet. It is smaller version of the Internet that is accessible only to members of an organization. As such an intranet is a powerful tool enabling any enterprise to organize and manage its data and communicate quickly across the organization.

Intranets can be simple or as complex as you need, with extensive functionality and many features such as data archives, corporate directory, calendar, bulletin boards, news, broadcast, event planning and more. Our experienced software developers design powerful intranet tools to improve internal communications, consolidate and manage your corporate knowledge base, and establish effective workflow controls. The intranets we develop can transform your corporate data from a management challenge into a valuable corporate resource. Each one of our intranets is custom-designed to meet the needs of each client.

Look at a staff survey of any business with more than around 30 people and you’ll discover it’s an all too common fact that many businesses are not very good at internal communications. Providing your staff have access to a PC with links to the internet, poor internal ‘communications’ can be a thing of the past – but for now to boost up your revenue all you need is an intranet.

A well-designed intranet can improve internal business processes, facilitate new levels of collaboration among employees, and improve morale across the entire company. However, a poorly conceived and executed intranet can stifle the flow of information and damage the reputation of management and the IT department.

At Creative Business Labs we understand that a great product alone is not enough – it is all the extra support from our strategists, trainers, designers and project managers that is also critical. With this is mind we have created an Intranet Success Methodology that is a robust process we follow to guarantee that every intranet we deliver is successful. Here are a few of the things we work with you on…

Intranet Success Methodology


Understand Your Objectives

An in-depth analysis allows us to understand your aims and objectives; building a plan which ensures your new intranet supports these needs from the start.

Get Everyone Fully Engaged and On-Board

Setting the path to success we get the full project team on-board and aware of what their role is in planning, structuring, delivering and launching your new intranet.

Focus on How Meeting User Needs Achieves Your Business Objectives

A key step is to review your existing intranet and find out what your user expectations are and what is critical to them from a new intranet.

Working With Your Technical Team

Getting the technical requirements right is essential – our technical consultants work closely with your technical team to ensure a smooth implementation


Creating a Unique Brand Identity

We know that creating a unique identity for your intranet is critical to its success. Working with our intranet design experts we can help you create an identity for your intranet that brings it to life and helps engage all your users.

Testing your Intranet Structure Works

Using Tree Jack we run your intranet structure through a number of tests with users to check the IA will work in your real environment. We don’t believe in leaving anything to chance!

Managing Your Intranet Set Up

Our intranet manager training ensures your administrators can manage your intranet from the beginning by creating sections, managing menus, setting up permissions and the various tasks involved in a successful intranet.

Homepage Checks

Strong homepages engage users. We guide you through the homepage building process, feeding back on areas to improve and ensure you gain our knowledge on what works.

Build and Engage

Creating Engaging Content

Getting useful, relevant and easy to find content on your intranet is not a simple task but it is critical to your intranets success. Our content manager training creates authors who build engaging content that is attractive and easy to find.

Launch for Maximum Engagement

We will work with you to build excitement around the launch of your new intranet. This will include sessions on how to encourage collaboration and involvement, as well as motivating the intranet team so that they become champions for your new intranet.

Ongoing Support

Continual Evaluation

Once your intranet is launched our work with you doesn’t stop. We will continually work beside you to keep analysing and improving your intranet. Your assigned Account Manager will ensure you get continued support from us and our online community.

Interact Community and Support Team

Learn from the experience of other intranet managers online or speak to our dedicated support team who are always on hand to help you solve challenges.