Lead Management


Marketing has changed dramatically in recent years. The old days of mass marketing, generic trade shows, and buying lists don’t work in a world where buyers use the web, search, and social media to take control of their buying process. Companies today meet prospective customers earlier in the buying cycle, and those customers want to engage with sales later than ever; Forrester reports that buyers are 65-90% done with the buying cycle before than want to engage with a company representative.

As a result, the old model where marketing generates a lead and sends it over to sales doesn’t work anymore. Instead, the best marketers are finding ways to bridge the gap between the day marketing first generates a lead and the day that lead is ready for sales.

Our leads management solutions send the lead on to us when they cannot fulfill the client’s exact project requirements themselves. We check each lead that we get, and send the best ones onto you for you so you can find leads that suit your business perfectly. Each lead is sent on to an absolute maximum of four buyers, so you will always get an excellent chance of winning and gaining a motivated new client.

With Our lead management capabilities you can convert more leads into customers. This product helps you easily Capture, Process, Track, Nurture and Respond to your leads from anywhere at any time. It is one consolidated platform and is,

  • Easy to Use
  • Fully Automated Processes
  • Easy to Customize
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Domain Specific Customization

Benefits Of Lead Management

With Our Lead Management solution, you can improve every aspect of the lead management process:

  • Generate new leads by executing targeted, personalized and integrated campaigns with our leads management capabilities.
  • Consolidate leads from multiple sources, cleanse and enrich them with transactional, response and web behavioural data, and score them using business rules or predictive models.
  • Place leads that are not sales-ready into automated, lead-nurturing campaigns that educate prospects and move them along in the buying cycle, using tactics including multi-wave, multi-step and cross-channel campaigns.
  • Route leads automatically to a sales force, call center, or channel partners using highly flexible and easily-defined business rules.
  • Generate reports with the exact information needed by marketers, such as lead generation ROI and responses.
  • Manage lead generation budgets, coordinate project calendars, ensure approvals are completed on time, and store assets for easy access and re-use.
  • Generating highly qualified, sales-ready leads is harder than ever. Most marketers are trying to do so using a mix of disconnected technologies and manual processes. The result is disjointed marketing, inadequate sales coordination, uninterested prospects and missed revenues.
  • We helps marketers to generate, nurture and convert quality leads into loyal customers through improved quality of leads, automation of lead management processes and the ability to act promptly on qualified leads.