Mobile Websites


According to a study, it is the first thing you see in the morning and last thing at night and remains close to you about 80% of the time. It is personal, singularizing and almost your shadow – got that? It’s your mobile phone silly.
Your target audience not only relies on this medium to stay connected, informed and make decisions, it is almost a lifeline to their personal and professional worlds. The irony is that this medium usually gets missed out while chalking out the marketing strategy, or is perhaps just an after-thought.

Imagine a prospective customer is on the move and wants a quick peek into your product or service. Chances say that he would use his mobile web to search for your website. A usual website on mobile phones is unappealing with poor navigation, unviewable images, jumbled up content and perhaps a bulky check for using the site. So if your site falls in a similar category, chances are your competitor will acquire that customer. Period.

The focus now is not on what the customer is looking for, instead it is when and where is she looking for it. CBL is focused on balancing the three goals – user goals, technology goals and business goals for creating a mobile experience for your customers. At CBL, we offer mobile web design services that help you connect with your target audience, instantly and effortlessly. We create simple yet sophisticated mobile applications for all major platforms – Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian, MeeGo and more.

Providing a mobile experience along with a full site experience for the same set of audience is a vital business decision. While the target audience remains the same, the medium has a distinct usage which is completely different form the personal computers. Hence there are several factors that come in to play while designing a mobile website for a brand or product. Right from identifying the business goals a mobile website is aimed at fulfilling, to designing a mobile website which is accessible even 11 PM on a Friday night across all relevant mobile handsets/ operating systems, experts at CBL focus on each aspect so to deliver a mobile site which fares well on customer interface.

However, once the mobile website is designed and launched the next goal post remains its search ability on mobile browsers. CBL also carries out the search engine optimization of the mobile website to ensure that it is found easily when the customer is searching for related products or services.

Mobile has brought in a new dimension to the way we communicate with the rest of the world. Organizations taking the leap forward and staying ahead of the curve will benefit the most from the opportunities this third screen is providing. We, at CBL, strive to explore this domain to find new ways to connect with your target audiences.

We follow a six-step approach to design and launch a mobile website:

  1. Key Information Identification
  2. Information Architecting
  3. Design Process
  4. Technical Process
  5. Testing
  6. Final Launch