Order Management


Customer demand has forced retailers to become more responsive with their order and fulfillment processes. Consumers expect a seamless cross-channel shopping experience, the products they want to be readily available, expedient delivery, and near-perfect order fulfillment rates.

In the retail space particularly, competition is fierce, driving the need for innovative and superior service even higher. Along with this drive for exceptional service, prices must be kept competitive, and with the constant pressure to increase profitability, expenses must be minimized across the supply chain.

Our Order Management Solution drives the order fulfillment process of any business. The open, workflow based architecture supports tailored, automated fulfillment processes without customization.

As a result of these factors, order management has become increasingly complex, and many companies lack the right systems and capabilities to address the challenges.

With the Creative Business Labs Order Management solution and expert assistance from the Creative Business Labs team, you’ll achieve a wide variety of benefits and high ROI from the solution, including:

  • Greater efficiency in managing and fulfilling orders across your extended enterprise.
  • Higher “perfect order” fulfillment rates.
  • Lower excess inventory across the supply chain.
  • Fewer stock-outs.
  • Increased responsiveness to market and customer changes.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and future orders

Benefits Of Order Management

One of the major benefits of our order management solution is that customers are guaranteed to get the correct level of service that they both request, and deserve. You are able to match the correct parts to a work order according to availability and location, communicating quickly and accurately with those working on the project to ensure that everything is delivered according to specifications and deadlines.

Our products and services revolve around balancing your needs with what we do for you. Other related benefits are as shown below.

  • Improve Sales Visibility
    Sale agents have access to accurate and complete information via a single repository housing all relevant sales transactions.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    Customers are empowered through self-service status tracking functionality, accessible on the Internet.
  • Expedite Sales Cycles
    Blanket sales agreements associate customer orders (releases) with pre-negotiated terms and volume commitments.