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  • How can you successfully collect and analyze data?

    Whether your evaluation includes formal or informal research procedures, you’ll still have to collect and analyze data, and there are some basic ways you can take to do so. The process of assigning meaning to the collected information and determining the conclusions, significance, and implications of the findings. The steps involved in data analysis are […]

  • What is Web Analytics?

    Web analytics is the procedure of analyzing the activities of visitors to a Web site. The use of Web analytics is said to enable a business to attract many visitors, retain or attract new customers for goods or services, or to enhance the dollar volume every customer spends.In any business, web analytics is a part […]

  • Intelligent-Email-Marketing

    Email Marketing at a glance

    Email marketing has become a necessary tool for business ever since the introduction of the Internet to the world, however some campaigns that make it through to our inboxes are absolute rubbish that we don’t take any notice of. This article seeks to explain what email marketing really is, why companies should use it and […]