Service Delivery Models


As social organizations endeavor to address the changing needs of the citizen within a climate of ever increasing constraints, many are finding that their underlying business model does not provide the necessary flexibility or structure. Aware of this growing issue, CBL’s Social Segment team harnessed their global client experiences, industry successful practices, and extensive thought leadership to develop solutions in the form of assets, methods and service offerings. We deploy various kinds of service delivery models in order to provide our customers with robust execution.

Offshore Delivery Model:

In this model all the phases of the project and all iterations are executed offshore within the premises of our development centers. All communication takes place through voice/video conferences, emails and IMs. We ensure that some or all team members maintain work hours such that there is at least few hours of time overlap with US and Europe time zones. Additionally effective communication is maintained through daily stand up calls.

Hybrid (Offshore + Onsite) Delivery Model

In this model, the team is structured in a manner such as project leads/PMs work onsite or near shore i.e client premises. This is complimented with a complete offshore product development team. The onsite lead/PM represents offshore team in all face to face meetings with project owners/stake holders and other customer representatives. The onsite lead/PM works as a core member of the customer’s execution team while the offshore team works as an extension to him/her.

When it comes to mastering successful deliveries achieved within the stipulated timelines and budget, there is no one model fits all solution. Our thorough understanding of the project’s technical and non-technical needs along with our flexibility to change as per the given circumstances helps us create a win-win situation for our customers as well as ourselves.