Software Testing


Quality management and testing solutions helps organizations to achieve their consistency, efficiency and predictability with software quality that meets objectives and testing strategies that validate and verify applications for any platform and test type.

Leading businesses worldwide trust our robust testing processes, specialized tools, and consulting expertise to enhance testing efficiency and precision, reduce costs and decrease cycle times.

Creative Business Labs Quality Manager, Quality everywhere, learn how to balance quality and speed in your organization! Watch.While success or failure often times depends on whose products or services are of the highest quality, lack of acceptable or poor software quality is blamed for more business problems than any other man-made product. According to Capers-Jones research, poor software quality has become one of the most expensive topics in human history – over $500 billion USD per year worldwide*.

We help overcome the challenges of delivering enduring software quality with quality management and testing solutions that transform the way organizations produce, validate and deliver software—from concept to launch to retirement. Our collaborative, integrated and optimized approach to managing software quality helps make quality management and testing activities a shared responsibility—not siloed and disconnected so you can better manage your existing resources, overcome schedule constraints, and increase your team productivity.

The Total economic impact of Creative Business Labs Rational Service Virtualization and Test Automation solutions. Learn how service virtualization is significantly reducing the cost of testing. Our test automation capabilities enable agile software delivery and eliminate testing bottlenecks for customers challenged by the increasing cost of quality associated with developing and maintaining composite applications with integrations across traditional and more modern technologies (mainframe, distributed, cloud, etc).

When combined with Rational’s industry-leading Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution, our quality management and testing solutions provide unique capabilities to help organizations ensure the functionality, usability, reliability and performance of delivered products and services exceed their customers’ expectations. Cut the risk and cost of product and service delivery while improving software quality.

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