Crowd Source Testing


Global outreach, quick time to market and a feature rich design are some of the major drivers in today’s market in determining a product’s success. Product companies are constantly on the lookout for innovative development and testing techniques to take charge of these driving forces. One such paradigm software testing technique gaining popularity is “Crowd Sourced Testing”. The scale, flexibility, cost effectiveness and fast turnaround it has to offer are all being spoken about at length, in several forums. With products now being supported across a range of devices available in the market, the user base spread across geographies, it is difficult to bring in the required test coverage in-house. A crowd’s diversity in feedback greatly helps enhance test coverage which is difficult to get with a stand-alone Creative Testers team. However, getting the right crowd team in place for the right areas to test and delivering on the project within the set parameters requires a managed and educated test effort. We at Creative Testers InfoTech have been delivering crowd testing services for our clients for a few years now and have been able to consistently expand our network of crowd testers across geographies and device coverage as the primary two areas of focus.

Why should you do Crowd Source Testing?

  1. There can be nothing better than getting a viewpoint of people from different demographic profiles that form your user base
  2. The tests are done under real world scenarios and conditions
  3. A plethora of device options are available to test your scenarios on, without having to acquire them
  4. You cannot possibly have all the talent in your organization; crowd sourcing facilitates pooling in people with diverse abilities under one umbrella
  5. Crowds bring in fast turn around and can reduce overall cost of quality, if the right checks and balances are implemented
  6. Since it is an “On Demand” model, the team can be ramped up in a very short span

Our crowd testers have delivered on projects that have been a motivation for business stakeholders, across our clients. Our executive management has a strong investment in bringing in a diverse crowd in enabling our clients’ ship global products and solutions.