Globalization & Localization Testing


Creative Business Labs software testing and quality management transforms the way teams work together to delivery enduring quality. With the Quality Management portfolio teams can:

  1. Collaborate to mitigate business risk
  2. Automate proven delivery processes for greater productivity and consistency
  3. Report with reliable and timely metrics for informed business decisions
  4. Analyse for ongoing process improvement for greater predictability
  5. Advancing quality across the software delivery lifecycle from requirements, development, quality assurance, security and compliance to deployment.

Globalization Testing Services:

Globalization has become one of the core areas of software testing given how products are reaching out to global markets and launching in several localized versions. We, at Creative Testers have built a very detailed Creative Testers methodology to specifically identify and address potential issues in the globalization process. Such a methodology has been built on our experience of testing for globalization since our inception, for several clients including Fortune clients. We have a specialized test team trained and ready to work specifically on globalization and localization testing, adding value to our clients by leveraging a set of best practices that we have built to address the needs of this specialized test area. Such best practices cover areas such as: infrastructure setup, locale specific checklists & nuances documents, test data repository. A bird’s eye view of our Globalization testing services and methodology is as below:

Translation Services:

The decision on what kind of translation service to use is always a trade-off to make based on availability of linguistic experts, time available, and use of translator tools vs. context specific translation. We at Creative Testers are the globalization test partner for several leading ISVs since our inception and with that accumulated knowledge of the globalization development cycle, have started providing translation services to provide E2E globalization coverage. Specific languages in which we provide translation services include: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. We understand linguistic translation relies on human experts and their language skills especially for locale specific context sensitive translation. With this in mind, we use a very detailed hiring process in hand-picking the right locale experts for the translation work, taking into account their experience, qualification and accreditations. We also use a very elaborate translation process and methodology that leverages our years of globalization testing experience, helping build quality into the work upfront. This level of detail minimizes the translation testing cycle ensuring the product is ready for the international market with a much faster turnaround than the traditional translation process.