Some Tips to Help You Get Started with Google AdWords: Beginner Level

Google Adwords is important for businesses who want to gain exposure for their company. Google AdWords, allows you to place an ad in front of customers searching for products/services you offer. Choosing the right words will assure the right people find your ads at the right moment. Companies only pay for this advertising when Google search users click on their link. This form of advertising is known as Pay Per Click or PPC. Here are some tips to help business owners and marketing managers maximize the effectiveness of Google Adwords:

1. Selecting the Right Keywords

Ensure your keywords relate to your website. If Google decides that your keywords are not relevant to your website then it won’t display it.

2. Use keywords and phrases within your advert text

Keywords will show up bold in search results so your ad is more likely to gain attention and convey to the user that your website is relevant to their search request.

3. Negative Keywords

Global negatives allow advertisers to select words that they do not want associated with their advertisements. For instance, if a surfer types in “free tennis shoes,” the advertiser can tell the algorithm not to display the advertisement. Why? Because a person looking for free merchandise is less likely to purchase items. A click from a surfer looking for free merchandise would be a waste of money.
Advertisers often use global negatives with broad matching to prevent search engines from matching their advertisement for “tennis shoes” with searches for “tennis.” Broad matching is more effective when combined with global negatives.

4. Organize Campaigns into AdGroups

Google allows advertisers to show PPC ads only to users that are searching from a specific location. You can target by city, zip code or even radius targeting by mile/km around your business location. This ensures that you only show ads to users near your business service area. You could also use geotargeting to only target users outside of your city or immediate area. You could test sending coupons or special deals to these users to provide them an incentive for going out of their way to buy/use/dine at your business.

5. Select a relevant landing page

The landing page is the page which the person who clicked on your ad will see when they come through to your site. Don’t use your homepage as your landing page unless it deals only with selling the product you’re advertising. For instance, if you’re selling posters, have a landing page for ‘flower’ posters and a landing page for ‘car’. You can even go one better and have a landing page for each poster – so you’ll have a page for ‘sunflower posters’ and ‘bmw 5 series posters’.

Google AdWords is a great way to dip your toes in the Google advertising waters to grow your business and drive sales. You can start with as little as $5, yet reach millions of customers searching for your products/services on Google each day. Remember, you only have to pay when a user clicks on your ad. By using these Google AdWords tips, you’ll get positive results and increased sales.

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