UX Designer Internship / Web Developer Internship

Job Description

  • You are suppose to choose and make web prototypes
  • Complete web development and web design under right guidance
  • You need to research various websites and need to analyze the designs for clients
  • Position the company as a premium digital marketing agency.

NOTE : This is a paid internship for 6 months and on the basis of your performance during this period you will be offered permanent job as well on the basis of your performance during the tenure of this internship “Everyone one needs a great team, hence these are not just words”

This Internship is for

    • Candidates with creative and web researching mind set.
    • Candidates who enjoy choosing solutions and designs for prospective clients.
    • Candidates who want experience in Web Prototypes, Web Design and Web Development
    • Candidates who crave for a new challenges.

Why you should join us because this internship is

    • A chance to learn about different aspects of web development.
    • The chance to take on as much responsibility as you show you can handle and get real web world experience.
    • We will provide you with the experience certificate
    • A potential full-time job after your internship based on your performance

Skills Required

  • University Degree (Preferably B.Tech/M.Tech or BCA/MCA)
  • Extremely Design friendly
  • Should be known to Dream Weaver, File Zilla FTP and Web Dev Tools
  • Basic knowledge of CSS/CSS3 HTML/HTML5 Word Press etc

Note :: This is not a 2 month internship, Its a 6 month internship where we will be absorbing you as employees on the basis of your performance solely. (Kindly make sure your availability as per the dates given) hence pre-final Students please do not apply.

You need to be physically present for pursuing this internship, this is not a virtual or remote internship.

Mail your resumes at hr@creativebusinesslabs.com