Content Management


The true business value of CBL Content Management emerges when it transforms the operations of an organization so that they best meet the specific needs of its industry. Changing the way organizations do business requires not only a powerful and flexible technology platform to accommodate the wide range of business requirements, challenges and goals, but also a deep understanding of the process and regulatory realities of the industries in which our clients operate. The specific solutions our clients have implemented reflect our detailed understanding of their goals and the unique requirements of their businesses.

Our solutions give your organization a competitive edge whenever there’s a decision to be made. They help cut costs and save time so that you can get the most out of your valuable resources.

We believe Creative business labs represents the best value available today in web based content manager software, including open source software.

You found us on the web. You may have been searching for content manager tools, or you may have received promotional information from us, or perhaps you have come to our website by accident. Most likely you’re here because you recognize that having the ability to update your website is important. And, you have probably come to know this through a slow, frustrating, and expensive process.

Why Our CMS

Make sure non-technical people are included when reviewing CMS software to ensure that it will work for everyone in your organization. Put Our CMS up against any other WCM tool available, and you will see Our CMS is the easiest CMS tool for your day-to-day content contributors.

Hard costs include the expense of outside resources (web designers, etc.) making the physical changes and internal staff preparing and proofing changes that are made. Soft costs are a little more difficult to quantify, but just as important. Would the site be updated more frequently if it didn’t require outside resources? Are the right people on your staff working on the updates (e.g. a software engineer is making or reviewing text updates is likely NOT the best use of his or her time)? The hard and soft costs associated with keeping your site up to date will allow you to calculate the payback period on your investment.

Benefits of Content Management System

Ease of Use

The most powerful CMS tool in the world will fail if the content owners charged with updating the web site are intimidated by the complexity of the tool’s interface.

Return on Investment

ROI is fast becoming an over-used business cliché, but understanding the costs associated with updating and maintaining a web site are important when evaluating CMS software.


This seems obvious, but there is more to it than just the vendors software. Can you use the selected solution in a hosted environment or does it require a dedicated server? Are other applications running on the same server that may cause conflicts? Whenever possible, a test of the solution in its’ intended production environment is extremely desirable.

Expansion Capabilities

As much as content manager software vendors will claim otherwise, no software package will do everything you need right out of the box. Even if the CMS software does have the feature you want, you might want to use a tool you already own. Look for a content management tool that will allow you to easily expand by adding third party (or your own) functionality to your site.