What are the advantages of Mobile Website Optimization?

According to a mobile users’ survey, at least 50% of the population of smartphone users in the United States of America alone, would be accessing the Internet via their mobile devices. Nowadays apart from communicating mobile is used for many purposes such as downloading the apps, making the mobile payment, getting info from search engines and etc. That’s why having a website that is optimized for devices like mobile is extremely important to your business. Mobile website optimization is one of the best technique used by companies to optimize the regular website such that the site gets displayed on the mobiles with more clarity.

It is estimated that on an average of 25-30% of the website traffic comes from the mobile devices. Research suggests that, on average, website visitors are 51% more likely to do business with an online retailer if it has a mobile site. Mentioned below are the advantages of optimizing your mobile Website:

1) Easy portability and connectivity
The main advantage of mobile websites is that it is accessible from anywhere at anytime. Business can reach the targeted audience quickly.

2) Quick Download
Mobile websites are specifically designed for mobile standards and optimal download speed, which means less waiting and more browsing.

3) Better User Experience
Mobile websites are specifically designed for handheld/mobile devices. You may have visited a desktop website on your smartphone and would probably agree that the experience is usually not great. Research suggests that mobile-optimised websites can significantly improve user experience and satisfaction, which can make a positive impression on prospective customers.

4) Click to Call
Websites are optimized to mobile phones which provides the opportunity for the application to utilize the click-to-call option for the users to contact with the business people

5) SEO friendly
Google is the major search engine when compare to others and if we want to improve our website SEO on Google then we must follow its guidelines. The Google recommend the webmasters to build their website as responsive. It will help to improve the ranking of the website on Google Mobile search.

6) Creation of a Brand Identity
The mobile websites helps to establish the brand loyalty among the customers; due to that their sales will increase along with the brand identification.

7) Portability and Connectivity
A mobile website can be accessed anywhere, any time. This level of constant connectivity provides an unprecedented opportunity to connect with target audiences in new ways, wherever they may be.

8) Competitive Advantage Over Your Competition
Customers can be retained on the site by building attractive mobile websites that beats the competitors and are exclusive among the crowd.

9) Offline Integration
The QR codes are mainly helpful to integrate you with the print and press media. It can be easily scanned on the mobile devices and these can then electronically translated into the information such as URL, e.mail address or simply the SMS.

10) More affordable than the mobile app development
A mobile website is generally a much less restrictive means to build a mobile presence compared to app development. For one thing, app development requires the production of different apps for different platforms (e.g. iPhone vs. Android vs. Blackberry), and submission to an app store–making apps much more fragmented and expensive to produce with a longer timeline before they reach target visitors. Most importantly, an app requires users to download the app before it can be accessed.

On the other hand, a mobile website is universal to all contemporary smartphone browsers, making a mobile website more flexible and cost efficient, with fewer barriers between you and your target users. Of course, there are some applications that are better-suited to an app format (interactive games being a primary example), and often it makes sense to have both an app and a mobile website. But for a well-rounded mobile presence a mobile-optimized website is generally a practical and effective first step.

11) Advertisements
Mobile websites are one of the best medium for ad promotion since it can reach more audience effectively through the hand-held machine.

12) Inevitability
As already mentioned, mobile internet usage is on the rise. It is something that will impact any company that aims to communicate with target audiences online. It has been reported that within a few years, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide. That is why it is so important to embrace this technology and bring your business and its website into the world of mobile.

Final Words:
Without any doubt the mobile website optimization gives more benefits and better results. So, don’t wait to optimize your website for mobile devices.

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