Who Are We


Campus Connect is a bridge between the employers and the fresh recruits who are assumed to be incompetent for company/ industry requirements.

It is a unique academia-industry having its initiative to “architect the education experience”. Our goal is to build a sustainable partnership with engineering education institutions for mutual benefit thus producing “INDUSTRY READY” recruits.

Our objective in launching the Campus Connect program is to enhance the quality and quantity of the IT talent-pool; sustain the growth of the IT industry itself. We don’t want to increase the number of engineering colleges, or the number of graduates. We intend to increase the employability of students. We want to have a consistent output, irrespective of all variables involved. It doesn’t matter where the college is located (big city or remote town), the kind of faculty, or students. However the conditions may be, with the help of our partners, we want to achieve a high-quality, constant product

As per predictions, by the year 2040, Asia, especially the Indian subcontinent will have the maximum number of working professionals in the world! Doesn’t this throw up huge possibilities your way? Clearly we have a plethora of opportunities staring us in the face. The future looks bright and promising. All we need to do is work towards it.

The portal will provide a digital platform for academia-industry interaction anytime, and anywhere.