Why are web analytics so important?

Whether your website is a storefront, an informational site, or a mixture of both, web analytics is necessary to determine whether or not you’re hitting your objectives.

Additionally, web analytics can be used for future development of your web strategy, so you can ensure a continuous improvement of the user experience on your website.

Today’s web analytics tools can harvest a host of demographic and technical data. They are also used to run tests between two different ad campaigns to see which variables cause an upswing in clicks and conversions. In this article, we’ll teach you the basics of web analytics and how it can help your marketing strategy.

1) Determining Website Usability

Understanding why users visited the website and then what they did there are critical to understanding how the marketing campaign has performed. Whether your website is serving the right content to the targeted visitors can be gauged by a number of Web Analytics that include Invalid pages, Conversions, Page views, Downloads, Time spent on-site, Click Map, Click Paths, etc. For example, low “Page Views” per visitor indicates there is something with design, structure or marketing message of your website.

2) Traffic source

Traffic refers to how your visitors came about your site in the first place. This is important as one cannot measure your visitors’ behaviour when you have no visitors to start with. This can often be divided into three main groups of traffic sources.

• Direct visitors: visitors that enter your website’s URL directly into the address bar of a browser. These visitors obviously are familiar with your site or may have seen the URL somewhere and decided to take a look.
• Referral visitors: visitors who came upon your website via a link on another website or blog.
• Search visitors: visitors who find your website by typing in a search query. These search queries usually include keywords that relate to what type of business you are in.

3) An Insight Into Visitor Profiles

With the help of Web Analytics, you can get an insight into valuable visitor profiles. It is essentially the process of collecting data about the activity of website visitors who come to your website and by using that data to give you usable and relevant results that you can use to guide your business decisions online and ultimately improve your website performance. You can utilize such data to optimize your website for search engines; to prepare strategies especially for geo-targeted campaigns, etc.

4) Maintaining Conversion Statistics

Web Analytics design all the information in regards to New Visitors, Returning Visitors, Leads, Sales/conversion and Exit Rates. This informative data is again crucial for arranging online and disconnected from the net battles for advertising your business. You can uphold facts of regular visitors to your site and concoct offerings that are important for them and in the meantime beneficial for you.

Therefore, measuring the activity on your site is truly exceptionally imperative and might be suitable in more than restricted. It’s fitting you turn to development Web Analytics to match the pace of altering innovations and polishes in the domain of e-commerce.

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