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The Problem

As a multi-national business the client recognized the need to introduce a communication channel that would be accessible worldwide. Renowned for its innovation and history of sales via the internet, the client identified various online initiatives to improve their customer support and drive additional revenue through their website.

They required a communication tool that would be both easy to use for international sales, represented innovation in the online space and offered additional web analytics that could be used to drive conversion and sales.

Our Solution

Our service is used by thousands of organizations across the globe including some of the world’s leading retailers, financial institutions, insurance providers, and government agencies. Our service is able to provide a secure and proven chat and analytics platform, high levels of responsive technical and sales support, an established history of implementation and an innovative software development program. All of these factors contributed to the client choice of strategic live chat partner.

The client chose our service, as an alternative to the installable platform this enables:

  • Control of costs and contract length.
  • No additional hardware management overheads.
  • Use of our service implementation team to offer best practice and training.
  • In-built analytics software to track visitors page to page in real-time.

Our service was deployed on the the client website. A branded chat window was designed to integrate the client brand seamlessly into the existing website.

In-built our service analytics was used to determine a set of pre-defined rules to help chat agents consider the best time to chat to customers. Proactive chats were initiated when customers hesitated in basket process and for queries regarding complex veterinary products.


Prior to live chat, the client relied heavily on the traditional phone system. Because of the complex nature of the products calls would take a long time to complete and this had a significant impact on call efficiency and product conversion. Live chat enabled the client an alternative method of communication with skilled chat agents. Since the introduction of our service the client has reported:

  • Reduced call volume and increased first-contact resolution on customer queries.
  • Increased online revenues and conversion rate on products.
  • Increased use of inbuilt call back and message function for international sales where agents are not available over the 24 hour period. Previously these international enquiries were not captured.
  • Improved productivity for call center agents. A live chat agent is able to handle multiple enquiries simultaneously.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and feedback.

Our Results

In conclusion, the client has reported improved customer connections and satisfaction since using our service.

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