Customer Relationship


The Client is the market leader in the professional power tools trade, supplying various professional users including the building, electrical and wood working industries. Market research has indicated that a dominant factor influencing consumer purchases of the client is the experiences and recommendations of the client’s customers. This necessitates the targeting of social media to positively influence and increase recommendations among the existing users of the client products.

The Problem

As well as a presence on Facebook, the client uses the ‘Bob Community’ facility run through its website, attracting 460,000 visitors with 35,000 registrations. The client needed to ascertain whether its investment in Facebook was reaching the desired demographic and how the value of its Facebook fans compared to that of Bob Community users. This information would lead to the appropriate allocation of the client marketing resources and a focused social media CRM programme.

Our Solutions

The client was seeking a software tool that would enable an in-depth and bespoke analysis of the audience that its social network was reaching, thus facilitating a greater insight into its users and a clearer interpretation of customer feedback. After researching the market, the client selected the task to be accomplished by Creative Business Labs.

Our software collates both qualitative and quantitative research to help brands to better understand the individual consumer as well as the market segment targeted. The client employed the software designed to continuously monitor audience participation with the results potentially influencing future audience interaction, brand strategy and product development.

With social CRM an important instrument in furthering sales of the client products and understanding the demographics of the audience using social media to communicate to potential customers, it enables the client to appropriately adjust the financial and human resources that it allocates to each service. Social media plays an increasing role in today’s communication between brands and customers. Facebook is an amazing channel for building brand awareness and represents a way for people to directly connect with the brands and products they care about. However, organisations are yet to leverage the full potential of this meeting place.

Social CRM software can fully integrate into the Facebook fan page, combining Facebook users’ profile data and direct feedback from their interactions with the page. This provided the client with statistical data from its social media CRM programmes through a fully integrated system, constantly analysing the profiles of users.

Our Results

The client needed to ascertain who was using its Facebook page and whether this audience differed from that utilising the Bob Community. By dividing the structures of business sectors, the client was able to quantitatively assess which professional trades used which social media application.

The results highlighted that the wood working trade, among others, had a significant presence on Facebook, enabling the client to tailor the use of social media within its CRM programme, taking into consideration the EFM results. This targeted specific professional trades, i.e. wood working, with relevant client’s products, through the appropriate social media.

With only 11 per cent of client’s social media audience using both the Bob Community and Facebook, it needed to determine whether the demographics of the Facebook audience were, as it hoped, younger than that of the Bob Community. The resulting analysis revealed that the Facebook page attracted an over proportional number of younger users. It included approximately six hundred apprentices in vocational schools, a market that the client had been aiming to target.

This data affirmed the need for the continued use of both Facebook and the Bob community to ensure that all demographics and professional trades that the client sells to are covered through a bespoke and focused social media programme. It has been able to analyse each user on Facebook enabling the generation of new initiatives for future and current customers.

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