The client is one of Europe’s leading gas companies with production activities are carried out at 27 primary transformation plants (plants which produce gas from air, natural gases, calcium carbide and ammonium nitrate) and 35 secondary transformation plants (plants which produce pure and ultra pure mixtures and fill and stock cylinders and dewars).

The Problem

The client wanted to revamp the existing website to have a modern look and enhanced features.

  • Enhanced product offerings presented in individual spares & accessories brands.
  • Build client order system as part of the website.
  • Content in English, Italian, all with pricing in local currency.
  • Integration with Ubercart including major customizations.
  • Powerful and sophisticated in-site search and guided navigation to enable clients to filter by product type, status, order type and other attributes.
  • Custom order generation for orders to be sent to SAP system.

Our Solutions

Creative Business Labs proposed LAMP architecture. Creative Business Labs developed the website with shopping cart functionality. The website had innovative mechanism to check the “inventory on hand” and alert individual stores when an order is placed. The system had an inbuilt mechanism to automatically keep customers updated on the status of their orders. Creative Business Labs also developed a Content Management System to manage the website which was scalable and easier to use. The Drupal Content management system was integrated with Ubercart to receive product data and pricing.

Improved performance, scalability were also part of the solution approach.

  • Simultaneous testing at multiple geographical locations.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Integrating Content Management System with E-Commerce System..
  • Custom module to move orders from Ubercart to SAP by generating the file needed for SAP process to be initiated.

Used Apache Solr engine for indexing the data to be shown in the views too thus reducing the bootstrap execution time drastically for faster retrieval of data on the site.

Our Results

  • Revamp of business logic for SAP file generation.
  • User agent based notifications.
  • User based order tracking.
  • Rule based email notifications.
  • Enhanced user experience.
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