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The Client is a private company of internet marketers, web designers and developers, and web technology experts providing a wide range of internet solutions to various internet-based companies. Its online business solutions include web design and applications development, internet marketing, project consulting, e-commerce, and interactive development.

The Problem

Over the years, the Client was performing well with its own sales team dialing for prospects and closing sales. Though their services were known to be superior in the industry, and repeat business was substantial, they found that they had to devote too much of their limited time to prospecting for leads. The Client needed to find a more productive way of generating business leads and face-to-face appointments without consuming the time allotted for presenting product demos and closing sales.

The Client had the following specific objectives:

  • To speed up market penetration
  • To ensure an ongoing flow of leads into their pipeline
  • To increase their lead-to-sale conversion ratio

After thorough planning and consultation, the client decided to experiment with outsourcing for the first time, and chose Creative Business Labs as a strategic enterprise partner.

Our Solutions

The Client came to Creative Business Labs to develop and launch an initial three-month cold calling campaign as a pilot project to see if they could produce a sufficient number of leads to increase sales.

The campaign began with a thirty-minute coaching session conducted by the Client and attended by a Creative Business Labs agent, team leader, and an account manager. CBL’s broad experience in lead generation and appointment setting for all types of internet business solutions allowed the team to quickly recognize the particular needs of this client’s campaign.

Creative Business Labs used the script provided by the Client to create various sets of customized proposition messages to best fit the various industry sectors targeted in the campaign. This made the campaign largely unscripted but more personal and highly effective to each target sector. Creative Business Labs capitalized mostly on its own contacts database to identify potential prospects and increase the number of contacts of senior level targets.

Our Results

The campaign was successful and extended the three-month pilot project into a nine-month rolling deal.

  • A total of 139 leads and 103 appointments was generated.
  • Creative Business Labs averaged 185 calls and 162 contacts per day, achieving a stunning contact rate of 87.8% (18,330 contacts out of 20,859 calls).
  • The Client reported four sales and dozens of warm proposals.
  • A total of 424 contacts expressed specific interest and requested future callbacks.

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