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The Client is a large car rental brand, with approximately 8,200 locations in 146 countries worldwide. The fulcrum of the Client’s global car sharing club is a .NET web application. The car sharing club business operated in Berlin, London, Madrid, New York City and Paris, as well as numerous universities campuses worldwide. It had more than 20,000 members and more than 400 locations worldwide.

The Problem

This was the first time our Client wanted to implement a car-sharing web application on a Partner’s co-branded website using vanity URLs and “services” infrastructure. This involved embedding the car-sharing web application into the Partner Company’s intranet site such that an intranet user was presented with the same look and feel of their intranet site and had a seamless user experience even while navigating the external site.

Our Solutions

Creative Business Labs proposed two different solutions to the client:

  • To incorporate the entire website in an iframe of specific width and height, and
  • o implement the solution in a pop-up window. The client chose the iframe solution.

Our approach was to first structure the html on the Partner Company’s intranet portal so that the car-sharing web application was delivered in an iframe. Then, we proceeded to reengineer the front end User Interface of the application using custom CSS and jQuery to match the screen width of the iframe, as well as the colors and look and feel of on the Partner Company’s intranet portal.

Templates were created for each page types in a way that the Content Editor could enter content and assign permissions at the component level.

The challenges in this project were manifold, especially with a view to ensuring cross-browser compatibility and inter-operability. We used a rigorous testing methodology throughout to achieve this and by adhering to strict coding standards.

Our Results

The outcome of the engagement was a successful, on-time delivery of the solution and its successful deployment on the Partner Company’s intranet portal even though the timelines were tight and the team ramp-up and execution had to be very quick. Creative Business Labs not only received highly positive feedback from our client but also Partner Company’s intranet user base.

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