The client is a well-known drinks brand, instantly recognizable globally and part of a group which is a household name around the world.

As part of its ongoing marketing strategy, the brand was identified as one of two global icons within the group. As such, a new and innovative approach to its marketing was implemented in the form of an interactive social club, built around the brand and its image and ethos within an interactive story concept in which the user can participate.

The Problem

Challenges for Creative Business Labs were to deliver a bright, engaging easy to use interface within a strict budget and timeline without compromising the user experience or brand message.

  • Integrated with major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Multilingual with an ability to add new languages with minimal effort
  • Optimized for a variety of devices such as laptops, mobiles and tablets

Our Solutions

Creative Business Labs implemented the new website using WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and incorporated a lot of best practices from its Centre of Excellence. WordPress was chosen because its excellent features and low cost ratio allowed the budget spend to be concentrated on innovation within the site, rather than on the technology.

In order to address the challenge of delivering content across a wide variety of platforms, Creative Business Labs implemented a responsive web design, utilizing a single code base and content repository, thereby simplifying the design and reducing development costs to the client. Usage of responsive web design techniques allowed for a fluid and dynamic rendering of a device optimized website

Social Media integration was one of the key requirements of the interactive new website. Creative Business Labs made available to the client pre-built social media accelerators. Due to their modular and standardized design, they can easily be extended to other social media sites and embedded throughout the website. This resulted in a faster development cycle and fewer bugs.

Because of the rich features available within the chosen platform, Creative Business Labs was able to design a site based on a small number of reusable responsive design templates. Far from the result being a predictable set of pages with the same look and feel, the inclusion of the following features resulted in a fresh, interesting and engaging site built on a simple architecture.

  • Facebook and Twitter Integration
  • Lightbox with scrolling feature
  • Submission of articles and suggestion facility
  • Moderation and validation facility
  • Image Carousel to highlight products dynamically
  • Star rating of submitted articles and suggestions
  • Pagination and filtering of client within the lightbox environment
  • Live ticker tape Twitter feed
  • Login, registration and remember me functionality
  • Video clips

Our Results

The resulting web and mobile sites allowed the brand to engage with the customer in a way not possible before and to build a relationship with the customer based on a social community easily accessible to the user. The site is maintained and managed with ease, and due to the platforms’ large user base and continuous release of new features, further enhancements and developments on the site are easily achievable.

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